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Advance Equipment Launches New, Trade-Friendly Website

By Advance Equipment | November 13, 2016

Advance Equipment launches a new website on. The site features extensive, well-organized product information to help trade workers take full advantage of the company’s high-quality, American-made tools. The website, designed to have a more simple and intuitive user interface, uses the latest in mobile-friendly technology and displays beautifully on all major browsers. Advance Equipment took…

Semi-Automatic Even Flow Taping Banjo

By Advance Equipment | May 20, 2019

Tape your flats and your corners with a quick flip, no tools or attachments needed! The new Advance Even Flow Taping Banjo patented internal belly gives you consistent mud coverage on your tape until the very end. Designed to be used with paper tape or Fibafuse without worrying about tearing when embedding into the corners.…