Meet Emily, Advance’s New “CRO”

In an effort to be transparent about its leadership, Advance would like to introduce you to its newest executive. Meet our new CRO – Canine Resources Officer! This is Emily. As you can see, she works closely with Dianne the Office Manager:

Always on Top of the Budget

Emily may be small, but she’s no micro-manager. Although… she’s kind of stickler about the budget.

She attends every marketing meeting, helping DeAnne make important decisions for the Advance Equipment brand. Emily always has a place at the table when hard decisions must be made! Her primary responsibilities as CRO are making sure the staff stay in good spirits by taking breaks for some fresh air and participating in a good game of fetch or tug-of-war whenever the moment calls for it.

“My philosophy is that a happy office is a productive office.”

Emily, CRO


Emily’s Philosophy

“My philosophy is that a happy office is a productive office,” says Emily.

Still, it’s not all fun and games for the CRO. She works just as hard as she plays. And good thing, too, because she’s also in charge of security, alerting the office to any guests as they arrive.

“It’s just nice to have my work appreciated and I’m so glad to have made it to the C-Suite while I can still enjoy it. I mean, I’m not a puppy anymore!” remarks Emily, humble about her success. “I’m planning to celebrate by going to the farm this weekend with my dad. Nothing more relaxing than fresh air and fresh dirt. I’m going to chase some animals, do a bit of digging – really cut loose!”

If that weekend “off” sounds like a lot of work, don’t be surprised. Emily’s tremendous work ethic is something she and her “dad,” John Sr., have in common. But that’s to be expected, really.

“I really look to John for direction,” says Emily. “Sometimes I feel like my whole life revolves around him! He’s quiet, so he might seem a bit ‘ruff’ around the edges, but I know he really looks out for me. Having such a caring boss has really set me up for success in my role here!”

With such a strong start in the role, we’re sure that the sky’s the limit for Emily!


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