Maximize Your Productivity with The Advance Trail Knives

The innovative construction of the Trail Knife provides flexibility for maximum control when working on walls and ceilings. The Box Trail Knife is skillfully designed to run behind mud boxes to smooth out edges and eliminate ripples and bubbles, creating a flawless finish with no need for additional brushing or sanding between coats. The Tape & Nail Trail Knife makes quick work of nail spotting and removing excess mud from behind your tape.
Expertly crafted with Made in the USA, quality the Advance Trail Knives come in a variety of lengths. Box Trail Knife is available in (12” 14” and 16”). The 14” knife is excellent for following behind flat boxes up to 12”, and the 16” knife is for 12” and 14” flat boxes. The Tape & Nail Trail Knife is smaller at 8”. All sizes feature a threaded handle you can attach to any pole, and lightweight construction to prevent fatigue, this is the perfect tool for professional drywall finishers.

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