Advance Marks 95 Years of Industry Innovation

Since 1922, from its humble beginnings in the garage of founder August Wedekind, Advance Equipment Manufacturing Company has been at the forefront of the industry. Wedekind began manufacturing paste tables, trestles, and paste boards in anticipation of the coming popularity of wallpaper. His foresight, along with the high quality of his products, brought him success: this year, Advance celebrates 95 years of continuous operation. Wedekind’s business, Advance, is still a family-owned operation (now on its fifth generation), survived the Great Depression, a world war, and decades of change. In a rapidly evolving world, Advance has proven its staying power time and again, growing over the years and continually expanding its product offerings. Advance is proud to recognize its 95 years of success and looks forward to leading the way through the coming decades of change.

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