Pro Reach Spray Shields

Advance offers two types of Pro Reach spray shields: Aluminum Blade folded & Styrene Blade with aluminum back. Each can be ordered with an 18″ Threaded Handle or 18″ Handle, no thread.

38024 – 24″ Aluminum Folded 18″ Threaded Handle
38036 – 36″ Aluminum Folded 18″ Threaded Handle
38224 – 24″ Styrene Alum. Back 18″ Threaded Handle
38236 – 36″ Styrene Alum. Back 18″ Threaded Handle

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Aluminum Folded Blade

One-piece double fold design forms a more rigid shield with drip ridge run-off protecting surfaces from overspray.

Extended Reach

Unique 180° radius increases reach on left & right allowing you to get into tighter areas while keeping adjustable handle out of your way.


Attaching an extension pole to the threaded handle makes reaching areas from floor level safer and more efficient.

Adjustable Handle

The 18in. handle is made of high-impact plastic, with a standard threaded end for adding extension. Easily adjust blade angle from left to right by applying pressure.

  • Locks at any angle
  • Smoothly adjusts when needed
  • Highly controllable
  • Light weight
  • Ergonomic handle
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